Residential Solar in Clayton, NJ

Clayton, NJ – 7.2 kW




Residential Solar in Clayton New Jersey

The NJ home has a 40-degree tilt facing to the south, which made it an excellent candidate for solar power. Although the original motivation of the homeowner to get solar power was environmental, she was impressed to see that her bills went down from over $150/month down to about $4.

Residential Solar in Clayton New Jersey

Each 1000 kWh power she generates creates an SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Certificate), which is tradable in marketplace and brings her an annual income beside her savings, making the solar system a revenue-generating investment.

Residential Solar in Clayton New Jersey

The 33-panel solar system offsets 98% of the home’s power usage with an ROI of over 11% and pay back of 6 years.

System Details

Number of panels: 33
Type of panels: Sharp 240 watts
Annual production: 10,087 kWh
Utility Bill offset: 98%
Estimated lifetime savings: $136,600

Lifetime Environmental Benefits

Trees Saved

Cars Removed from Traffic
Cars Removed
from Traffic:

Gallons of Oil Unused
Gallons of
Oil Unused:

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