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Commercial Solar in Lakeside, CA

Lakeside, CA – 45.4kW

Commercial Solar in Lakeside California

This community center offers a wide array of programs and services to the youth, adults, and seniors in the city and the surrounding areas. Due to its high public use, the facility consumes significant amount of power.

Commercial Solar in Lakeside California

In order to best use the  American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) funding, the Department of Parks and Recreation decided to commission the installation of PV panels on the facility.

The 216-panel system installed on the metal seam roof provides significant portion of the electricity that the center needs. It also offers shading on the roof, which reduces the need for the air conditioning that further increases the utility savings as well as occupant comfort.

Commercial Solar in Lakeside California

The system is expected to produce 1,906,800 kWh of power for the next 30 years.

System Details

Number of panels: 216
Type of panels: Sanyo 210 watts
Annual production: 63,560kWh
Estimated lifetime savings: $ $900,589

Lifetime Environmental Benefits

Trees Saved

Cars Removed from Traffic
Cars Removed
from Traffic:

Gallons of Oil Unused
Gallons of
Oil Unused:

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