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Commercial Solar in Orange, CA

Orange, CA – 33.8 kW

Commercial Solar Orange

This family-owned company constructs grading, asphalt, concrete and pipeline infrastructure in residential tracts, multifamily housing project and commercial projects.

Commercial Solar Orange Install

One of the company principal’s installed solar in her house and substantially reduced her bills. Upon Vaha’s advice on the feasibility of the solar for commercial spaces, her company also decided to install 144 panels on their warehouse and feed the electricity to their office building, which has the highest usage among the three buildings they own.

Commercial Solar Orange Install

Today the company enjoys thousands of dollars savings and a 15% ROI on their cash investment.

Later in the year, they will add onto their solar system by putting panels on the third building and increase their utility offset to over 70%.

System Details

Number of panels: 144
Type of panels: Sharp 235 watts
Annual production: 54,585 kWh
Utility Bill offset: 49.5%
Estimated lifetime savings: $603,519

Lifetime Environmental Benefits

Trees Saved

Cars Removed from Traffic
Cars Removed
from Traffic:

Gallons of Oil Unused
Gallons of
Oil Unused:

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