Residential Solar in Fullerton, CA

Fullerton, CA – 3.9 kW




Residential Solar in Fullerton California

The owners of this beautiful home in Fullerton first and foremost wanted to contribute to the environment by adopting clean power. When they found out about the positive economic implications, they were even more impressed.

Residential Solar in Fullerton California

The homeowner was worried about the aesthetics of the solar panels since they would be in front of her house, however she was happy with the results.

Residential Solar in Fullerton California

The 18-panel solar system offsets over 80% of their power usage with an ROI of over 10%.

System Details

Number of panels: 18
Type of panels: Sharp 216 watts
Annual production: 5,600 kWh
Utility Bill offset: 80%
Estimated lifetime savings: $79,900

Lifetime Environmental Benefits

Trees Saved

Cars Removed from Traffic
Cars Removed
from Traffic:

Gallons of Oil Unused
Gallons of
Oil Unused:

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