The Power of Public Recognition

Vaha will promote your project. Expertly.

Few energy companies have marketing experts as key staffers. Fewer are co-founded by an experienced marketing pro who:

  • Has successfully promoted many solar and energy efficiency projects
  • Skillfully promoted major consumer brands nation-wide
  • Holds an MBA from an Ivy League School

And, of course, even fewer will make their marketing expertise available to you at no extra charge.

At Vaha, marketing your project is part of the service. It’s that simple.

Maybe your company already knows the value of being seen as good corporate/ community citizens. Maybe you already understand the power of a public commitment to real energy optimization. But . . .

✔ Do you expect your solar power company to spread the word about that?

✔ Do you expect your energy consultant to place your news story in key media?

 Do you expect your sustainability expert to get you interviews on radio and TV?

Vaha does all that and more for its clients.

For example, here are a few of our projects that we’ve successfully got recognized in the highly competitive Southern California media market:

We have the training. We have the expertise. And our clients get tremendous value from our promotional efforts. At Vaha, helping market our clients is an integral part of our business model, and has been from the beginning.

Vaha understands the power of image building. We understand the value of positive press. We know that the media has become sophisticated on energy issues – that companies must go far beyond trendy, surface changes that could be considered opportunistic “greenwashing”. And we know how to get that across to reporters, editors and producers. We do it every day.

Vaha. We make sure your sustainability efforts don’t go unrecognized.