Public Utility Solar Energy in Tuscon, AZ


Tuscon, AZ – 20MW

Tuscon Desert panels

This project was developed by Sun Edison.  Our installation team handled several electrical components of the project, which included wiring combiner boxes, troubleshooting string wiring, performance testing of solar strings to specifications, and general electrical tasks throughout the site.

Tuscon Electirc Grid

The crews wired approximately 254 combiner boxes (24-string) at 15 minutes per unit.  Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) was utilized as soon as the wires were energized. Lock-out and tag-out procedures were used to identify energized components and increase safety precautions per OSHA requirements.

Tuscon system

The project was completed on-time and on-budget.

System Details

Number of panels: 83,500
Annual production: 35,000,000 kWh

Lifetime Environmental Benefits

Trees Saved

Cars Removed from Traffic
Cars Removed
from Traffic:

Gallons of Oil Unused
Gallons of
Oil Unused:

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